Jules Mitchell – Yoga Meets Science Workshop

Save the date! Jules Mitchell is coming back Nov. 30-Dec 2, 2018!

Jules Mitchell at Aerial Yoga Boerne in 2017.

Jules Mitchell at Aerial Yoga Boerne in 2017.

From the 2017 Workshop:

Friday, October 27 thru Sunday, October 29th  –  Join us for this stellar line-up of workshops!

Early bird pricing $275 for all 5 classes, after October 7th – $325.

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Jules Mitchell Yoga Meets Science Workshop Series

Jules Mitchell Yoga Meets Science Workshop Series

A 2012 survey conducted by Yoga Journal Magazine, reported flexibility as the number one reason why people in the U.S. practice yoga. Yet, most of the scientific research on yoga does not investigate the biomechanics and motor control around improving range of motion. In fact, exercise science sometimes refutes and contradicts yogic teachings. In this workshop series weekend, Jules will lead insightful discussions, cite the most current research, and teach asana by blending her two passions: yoga and biomechanics. Jules isn’t shy about challenging the anecdotal instruction we were taught in yoga classes of our past but still upholds the tradition with the reverence it deserves. She is more interested in asking the right questions than knowing all the answers.

Be prepared to transform the way you think, speak, and move within the practice of yoga!

Friday, October 27, 5pm – 8pm – Crash Course in Biomechanics – Transform the way you think, speak, and move within the practice of yoga. Learn how human musculosketelal tissues behave under load and adapt to applied forces. Distinguish between stress (load) and strain (stretch) to speak clearly and with confidence when speaking about the effects of yoga asana on connective tissue. Add the variable of time to the equation and we will question common yoga cues, bend classical alignment rules, and explore the use of props and adjustments to “direct the load” for a specific purpose. Please bring a journal.

Saturday, October 28, 9am – 12pm – Hip Dynamics

Dynamics [dahy-nam-iks] noun

  • 1. The branch of mechanics that deals with the motion and equilibrium of systems under the action of forces, usually from outside the system
  • 2. The motivating or driving forces, physical or moral, in any field
  • 3. The pattern or history of growth, change, and development in any field

While the hip joint has the capacity to be a highly mobile joint, it also has the capacity to be quite strong. And contrary to conventional thought, flexibility and strength can be achieved together. Discuss why weakness may sometimes manifest as tightness, resist the urge to stretch yourself into common yoga postures, and discover the potential for utilizing isometrics in asana. Additionally, incorporate principles of co-contraction to help identify individual alignment variations. You’ll leave feeling strong and capable. Please bring a journal.While the hip joint has the capacity to be a highly mobile joint, it also has the capacity to be quite strong.

Saturday, October 28, 1pm – 4pm – Shoulder Potential -The highly mobile shoulder complex can bear the weight of the body in yoga asana but does not always perform to its full potential. Instead, we often see limited range of motion, repetitive use injuries, and pain. In this 3-hour workshop, we’ll simplify all the complex anatomy you may have studied in the past and equip you with approaches to get stronger, move better, and feel better. You will learn upper extremity biomechanics, learn to assess quality of movement, and incorporate practices to improve shoulder function, promote change and develop mobility/stability. Apply these insights to a variety of asana including the everyday downdog. You may experience a departure from conventional cueing. Therefore, curious minds are encouraged. All shoulders are welcome – healthy or injured, strong or weak, hyper mobile or not mobile enough. Please bring a journal.

Sunday, October 29, 9am – 12pm – Breathing Practices for the Body and Brain – The breath is a unique function of the body because it’s an involuntary action that can be voluntarily altered or controlled. Thus, breathing can be utilized as a movement practice, prompting adaptive responses in both the physical and physiological realms. This 3 hour workshop includes an in-depth lecture of breathing mechanics and the autonomic nervous system, a discussion of the available research on the best breathing practices for beginners, and the opportunity to experience directed breathing practices and somatic lessons that change range of motion, down-regulate the stress response, and affect an overall sense of embodiment. Suitable for all levels, breathing is the only pre-requisite. Please bring a journal.

Sunday, October 29th, 1pm – 4pm – Variation Nation™: A Biomechanical and Variable Approach to Asana Yoga is well established as a practice that prompts both physical and neural adaptive processes. Through a discussion of motor control theories, compare and contrast the academic versus the mind-body interpretations of variability. Discover how asana can introduce novel movements to affect performance, reduce risk for injury, and improve proprioception. A 2-hour asana class will follow, where you will explore and reveal habitual movement patterns and bend classical alignment rules for optimal tissue loading and heightened sensory input. It’s a moving, feeling, and learning party!