Dynamic Aging 4 Week Series – September 12 – October 3rd!

The Dynamic Aging Book Club is a 4 Week Series that incorporates discussion along with doing the exercises in the book… all with hands-on guidance from Carla Harless, a Nutritious Movement Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist.

Dynamic Aging, written by Katy Bowman along with 4 of her long-time students, gives practical advise about how to move more & move well as we get older…so that we ca keep moving as we get older!

Learn how to care for your body—feet, ankles, knees, hips, back, shoulders, pelvic floor, brain, and all the rest—in a whole-body, whole-life way. Biomechanist Katy Bowman points out that even when exercise programs are followed diligently, exercisers get joint replacements and take medications at a similar rate as couch potatoes. This is why it’s time to differentiate between exercise and movement. They are not the same thing, and if we ignore the wide variety of possible non-exercise movements, we won’t age as robustly as we can.

Katy’s paradigm-shifting approach helps you create a dynamic and movement-rich life using corrective exercises and their practical application. Come discover how to put the movement back into your life, no matter what your age.